Pure, natural artesian spring water

Pure, natural artesian spring water

Drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated is essential to good health, but not all H20 is made equal. Water naturally absorbs elements from whatever it passes over or through, so it can absorb infections, pollutants or other contaminants. It’s important to know where water is sourced and what it contains before you put it into your body.


Whio Artesian Spring Water is bottled at source from the deep channels beneath the Heretaunga Plains in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Its some of the most pure water on earth, so pure in fact, that it doesn’t need chemical treatment or filtration.


Our water seeps through these deep channels for decades keeping it free from contaminants, while accumulating a rich concentration of natural minerals that support good health, such as alkalinity, silica, calcium and electrolytes. With a refreshing, natural taste, why would you consider hydrating with anything but the best…

Saving the Whio blue duck

Our water carries the name Whio because we feel a deep connection to this rare and endangered New Zealand bird, clean water and our environment. The Whio blue duck lives only in clean, fast-flowing water and its continued survival shows we are looking after the health and well-being of our ecosystem.

For every litre sold, we are donating a percentage of profits to Puhaka Mt Bruce to support their tremendous work in protecting this precious bird and other endangered species. That’s good for the blue duck and the planet.

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